The congregation has committed to provide $1,600 to help cover part of the cost of the Thanksgiving meal provided by the Center of Hope for homeless and low income families. To date we have contributions totaling $200. Your contribution is needed to meet this commitment. The money has already been forwarded to the Center (so they can buy supplies for the dinner), so checks should be made out to Mission Road Congregation with a notation that it is for the Center for Hope. You may give your donation to Pennie Bunkers or place it in the church offering next Sunday.


The church’s new GoFundMission website includes a project to fund a new roof and painting/repair of the interior for Central Avenue Center of Hope. A total of $2,945 of the needed $5,000 has been raised through donations on the site. Can you help meet the $5,000 goal?


Got a coat that still has useful life but it is just hanging in your closet? Got an extra set of mittens or gloves or an extra blanket? The church is now collecting winter wear for the Central Avenue Center of Hope. Bring your worn but not worn-out winter coats, boots, gloves, mittens and blankets to church next Sunday. There are folks in desperate need before the harsh winter weather arrives.


Mark your calendar for the December 11, 2016 7:00 PM Christmas program at Mission Road (with a special guest visitor). Also note that on Sunday, December 18, 2016 Robin Payne will work with the children to make gingerbread houses at church.


The next book selection for the All Good Books discussion group is “The Autobiography of Eleanor Roosevelt” by Eleanor Roosevelt. The book club does not meet in December but will resume meeting on January 12, 2017 at 7 PM in the Church Library. Mark your calendar.

You can always find a schedule of upcoming book discussions at Come join us!


The Proposed budget for 2017 was approved as well as the 2017 Leadership team. Larry & Karen Birkby will remain as Co-Pastors for 2017. Larry expressed their appreciation for the support of all of those in leadership responsibilities and the congregation membership.

Dennis Wood spoke to the progress of the elevator project. Now with an engineering firm under contract Dennis believes that we can soon see visible progress.


At the November 13, 2016 business meeting, the congregation voted to support the Health Ministries Association (HMA) in their effort to hire a full time professional nurse to provide health care to villages in the area around the La Buena Fe region. Our goal is to raise $5,750 for 2017 in pledges from members rather than take money form the congregational reserves. If you can help in this effort, please see Paul Bennetts for a pledge card. Paul will let you know later when it’s time to submit your payment to cover your pledge.


On Sunday, November 27, 2016, the adult Sunday school class continues the discussion of "The Journey of a People” Volume 3 by former Church Historian, Mark Scherer. Jonathan Bacon will lead the discussion on Chapter 11, "I’ll Say What You Want Me to Say, Dear Lord; I’ll Be What You Want Me to Be ".


Please email ( mrcoc ) or provide Clint with a written update to any addresses or name changes for the congregational directory or newsletter mailing list. Certain college students and a few others have moved since October/November of last year and we are getting a number of newsletters returned for incorrect address information. Shortly, there will be a final proof copy of the directory made available in the fellowship hall for you to have one final check. NOW is the time to send Clint any new information that has obviously changed.


This Wednesday, the Saints’ Choral Rehearsal and Prayer Circle will not meet.

This Saturday morning, 9:00 AM November 26, please help with Christmas Decorations.

Sunday, November 27, 2016, 8:45 AM – Breakfast (provided by Eloise Snider and Bob Andes), join us for conversation and fellowship.

Sunday, November 27, 2016 – Sunday School Classes

  • Nursery available – 9:15-11:30 AM, in downstairs Nursery.
  • Children’s Sunday School class – 9:15-10:15 AM, taught by Robin Payne.
  • Children’s Pre-baptismal Class begins – 9:15-10:15 AM, taught by Debby Rushfelt
  • Adult Sunday School class – 9:15-10:15 AM, team taught by Jonathan Bacon, Paul Bennetts, Jane Landrum and Dennis Wood in Church Library.

Sunday, November 27, 2016, 10:30 AM – Jerry Rushfelt will speak on the theme "Be Ready" with Kirk Barnhard presiding and Debbie Rushfelt serving as the worship planner. The song leader for learning a new hymn in the “Community of Christ Sings” will be Dorothy May. Robert Sindt will provide the PowerPoint slideshow.

Monday, November 28, 2016, 7:00-8:30 PM – Mission Bells rehearsal in the Church Sanctuary.


November 18, 2016

To the church in the USA:

In the hope and peace of Jesus Christ, the First Presidency and apostles assigned to the USA fields hold the nation, its leaders, the church, and our worldwide community in prayer. The presidential election has taken a toll on our nation and the world. Political candidate allegiance has been used to justify demeaning rhetoric and action. Many have experienced anger, frustration, and hurt. We recognize that Community of Christ members stand on both sides of the debate. We are challenged to consider how we, as Community of Christ, will live in the midst of this division.

We are disciples of Christ, and it is time for Community of Christ to speak and to be faithful to whom God has called and prepared us to be in the world.

We are at the threshold of a “new community of tolerance, reconciliation, unity in diversity, and love…being born as a visible sign of the coming reign of God” (Doctrine and Covenants 164:5). We are called as disciples to model Christ’s love for all people in our homes, workplaces, schools, and congregations. It is time for respectful actions and dialogue that express the worth of each person and promote understanding of different perspectives.

This is a critical time of transition for the USA. We need to pray for those assuming leadership roles in national, state, and city governments. We must be willing to call their offices or send letters and hold them accountable as leaders. As we pray together we must act to “create pathways in the world for peace in Christ to be relationally and culturally incarnate” (Doctrine and Covenants 163:3a).

As disciples, our identity is formed in the life of Christ. Doctrine and Covenants 163:1 challenges us to embrace the full meaning of our identity and calling as Community of Christ. This means moving beyond our fear of others and recognizing our oneness and equality in Christ. We are guided by Enduring Principles that uphold the Worth of All Persons. We are called to Pursue Peace on Earth and to seek Unity in Diversity. We are invited to experience the Blessings of Community and honor the Sacredness of Creation. These principles are more than statements we display; they express who Community of Christ is called to be to in the midst of human life.

Community of Christ has been divinely led. God has helped us understand who we are and how we serve in changing circumstances around the world.

World Conference Resolution (WCR) 1226—Human Diversity (April 10, 1992) reminds us that the gospel of Jesus Christ reveals the unqualified love of God and the inestimable worth of all persons. When humans “fear, hate, and abuse each other because of…such factors as socioeconomic status, culture, race, gender, age, size, sexual orientation, and mental or physical disability [,] such prejudicial behavior undermines the personal and spiritual development of both abuser and abused. …We commit ourselves to work with all persons of goodwill to promote mutual respect, appreciation, and peace in all relationships. (See World Conference Resolutions 2002 Edition, Herald House, for the full statement.)

WCR 1227—Our Pursuit of Peace (April 10, 1992) is our claim as a global community to “intensify our efforts to heal the causes of violence, war, prejudice, discrimination, greed, hunger, and oppression. …We pledge anew to forgive, be patient, bring reconciliation, sacrifice for others, suffer with the pain of compassion, and be actively engaged in the pursuit of peace, all as taught to us by Jesus Christ.” (See World Conference Resolution 2002 Edition, Herald House, for the full statement.)

As a community centered in Jesus Christ, we must stand and speak against any words or actions that demean another. We must find ways to unify and bring healing, reconciliation, and wholeness to our families, neighborhoods, and congregations.

We all are called to speak the language of God’s love and grace in our words and actions of justice and peace. Let us be who God envisions us to be in the world.

In the grace and peace of Jesus Christ,

The First Presidency: Stephen M. Veazey, Stassi D. Cramm, K. Scott Murphy

USA Apostles: Linda L. Booth, Ron D. Harmon, Barbara L. Carter Robin Linkhart, Janné C. Grover, Lach Mackay


Would you like to hear the message from last Sunday or a Sunday service from 3 years ago? Audio recordings of many of the last several years’ worth of worship services are available online at Note this is a new shortened URL that will take you to a Google Drive with many of the recordings from the past.

Recordings are located in folders corresponding to the year (2015, 2016, and so on).

If you missed a Sunday, this provides you a way to hear the music and the message.

The beginning numbers of each filename indicate the date of the service.

The first 4 digits represent the year; the next two digits indicate the month and last two digits represent the day of the month.

In most cases, the date is followed by a dash and then the first initial and last name of the speaker. Enjoy!

NOTE: If you experience problems playing these audio files be sure you’re running the latest version of your browser or try a different browser. In some cases, you may be required to download the audio file before playing it.

The following list includes some recent audio recordings:

13 November 2016 message by Clint Reine, filename 20161113-CReine.mp3

6 November 2016 message by Jack Cave, filename 20161106-JCave.mp3

30 October 2016 message by John O’Neal with Mary Reichenbach ordination, filename 20161030-JONeal;MReichenbach.Ordination.mp3

23 October 2016 message by Paul Bennetts, filename 20161023-PBennetts.mp3

16 October 2016 message by Steve Holben, filename 20161016-SHolben.mp3

9 October 2016 message by Mark Scherer, filename 20161009-MScherer.mp3

2 October 2016 message by Roger Parrish, filename 20161002-RParrish.mp3


Please know that any member of the congregation can post prayer requests or share information about members and events on the Mission Road Members Only Facebook page. You do not need to send the information for approval to anyone. In fact doing so may slow down the dissemination of your request. Be sure to include the person needing prayers and what situation has occurred (if you wish to share that information). If your post concerns an event or news item, be sure to include the basics in your posting (such as who, what, where and when).

For prayer requests, if you do not have access to Facebook, then please call Paul Bennetts or John Trinkl Sr., our Congregational Pastoral Care Coordinators.


The Mission Road Congregation hosts the following social media sites:

Congregational (public) website at

Facebook Page (public) at

Facebook Group (open only to congregational members) at

The All Good Books discussion group website at

Visit and "like" each of these sites to keep up-to-date on congregational news.


If you have news items and calendar additions or changes that need to be included in the congregational news email please contact Larry Birkby. His email address and phone number are both in the Church Directory.

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