Regarding the GoFundMission drive for Saira’s four-wheel drive vehicle so she can reach remote villages during the rainy season, 100% of the funds from the GoFundMission drive will go toward a vehicle for Saira. If people prefer to donate by cash or check, instead of by credit card online, they can make checks out to HMA and give them to Paul Bennetts. HMA will put the donations on the HMA credit card so the GoFundMission project will get the credit and the donor will still receive a receipt.

At this point only 54% of the $10,000 needed has been pledged. Unless the remaining $4,580 is pledged by August 4, 2017, none of the donations will be collected so no funds will be made available for the vehicle purchase. Your donation, no matter how large or small, can help real the goal by this Friday! Please go to and donate today!


If you were not able to leave a farewell note for Jack & Jeanette during the Potluck lunch today; you may send them an email. You can find their contact information in the new directory. They are expecting to be around a couple more weeks and there are extra pieces of paper on one of the tables in the Fellowship Hall. You may add your note to the others in the basket.


The new carpet has been ordered for the sanctuary and main floor office. Installation is scheduled for the week of August 21-25. The carpet squares for the nursery are here and we are arranging a time for installation.


For those attending the 9:15 AM Adult Sunday School Class and reading Tatha Wiley’s Encountering Paul, this Sunday at Mission Road, we’ll take a break from the Wiley book (but return to it soon) with a continuation of the discussion of the seven authentic or undisputed letters of Paul the Apostle.

We’ll focus on reading and discussing the oldest "book" in the New Testament (according to modern Biblical scholars) with a discussion of Chapters 3-5 of First Thessalonians.

Jonathan Bacon will lead the class discussion. If possible, bring a Bible (any version) and read First Thessalonians before the class (in most Bible versions it’s only 3-4 pages long).


A second adult class meets each Sunday for adults interested in learning about church membership. This class is informational, for anyone wanting to know more about the Community of Christ. The class is held during the regular Sunday School hour (starting at 9:15 AM). All are invited to join the class taught by Ron Millard and Karen Birkby.


Roger Parish has researched the upcoming Sun Eclipse event that is occurring on Monday August 21, 2017. Roger has researched close locations that would provide the best (longest viewing) time and the city park near Kearney, MO is one site well suited to view the Eclipse. Kearney is about 39 miles away and drive time is typically about 40-45 minutes. Several people have expressed interested so Roger has rented a shelter at the park for a minimal fee. Parking is close to the shelter but first come first served. If interested in attending, please indicate your interest on the signup sheets on the bulletin board in the Narthex. We need to know how many people from Mission Road are interested in gathering to experience this historic event, so Roger can acquire sufficient viewing glasses to protect everyone’s eyes. Please add your name to the signup sheet on the bulletin board in the Narthex.

See Roger to get your pair of viewing glasses.


Do you love a good story? If so, we have an exciting evening for you! Celebrate Heritage Day this year with Apostle Art Smith, Mark Scherer, and Barb Walden as they share some of their favorite stories from church history at the Mission Road congregation on Sunday, September 17 at 7:00 PM. Our storytellers will share the theme "Preserve the Past ~ Inspire the Future."

The Storytellers evening is sponsored by Mission Road congregation and Community of Christ Historic Sites Foundation in support of summer interns who share the church’s stories at our historic sites.

A donation opportunity for the Alma Blair Internship Program will be available for those interested in supporting this unique educational opportunity for young adults. All are invited. No RSVP needed.


Wednesday, August 2, 2017, 7:00 PM (summer schedule) – Prayer Circle meets at the church.

Sunday, August 6, 2017, 8:45 AM – Breakfast (provided by Mindy and Eric Haase), join us for conversation and fellowship.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

  • Nursery available – 9:15-11:30 AM, in downstairs Nursery.
  • Children’s Sunday School class – 9:15-10:15 AM, taught by Mary Reichenbach.
  • Teen’s Sunday School class – 9:15-10-15 AM, taught by Clint Reine.
  • Adult Sunday School class – 9:15-10:15 AM, discusses "Encountering Paul” by Tatha Wiley, taught by Jonathan Bacon, Paul Bennetts, Jane Landrum and Dennis Wood in the Church Library.
  • Adult Class Exploring the Community of Christ – 9:15-10:15 AM, taught by Karen Birkby and Ron Millard.

Sunday, August 6, 2017, 10:30 AM – Clint Reine will speak onthe theme "Come and Be Filled" with Robin Payne presiding and serving as the worship planner. The song leader for learning a new hymn in "Community of Christ Sings" will be Margaret Athey. Merrill Clark will provide the ministry of music. Plus Robert Sindt will provide the PowerPoint slideshow.


Would you like to hear the message from last Sunday or a Sunday service from 3 years ago? Audio recordings of many of the last several years’ worth of worship services are available online at Note this is a new shortened URL that will take you to a Google Drive with many of the recordings from the past.

Recordings are located in folders corresponding to the year (2015, 2016, and so on).

If you missed a Sunday, this provides you a way to hear the music and the message.

The beginning numbers of each filename indicate the date of the service.

The first 4 digits represent the year; the next two digits indicate the month and last two digits represent the day of the month.

In most cases, the date is followed by a dash and then the first initial and last name of the speaker. Enjoy!

NOTE: If you experience problems playing these audio files be sure you’re running the latest version of your browser or try a different browser. In some cases, you may be required to download the audio file before playing it.

The following list includes some recent audio recordings:

23 July 2017 message by Jonathan Bacon, filename 20170723-JBacon.mp3

23 July 2017 Business Meeting, filename 20170723-Business.Meeting.mp3

16 July 2017 message by Arlene Leonard, filename 20170716-ALeonard.mp3

9 July 2017 message by Steve Holben, filename 20170709-SHolben.mp3

2 July 2017 message by Jerry Rushfelt, filename 20170702-GRushfelt.mp3


Please know that any member of the congregation can post prayer requests or share information about members and events on the Mission Road Members Only Facebook page. You do not need to send the information for approval to anyone. In fact doing so may slow down the dissemination of your request. Be sure to include the person needing prayers and what situation has occurred (if you wish to share that information). If your post concerns an event or news item, be sure to include the basics in your posting (such as who, what, where and when).

For prayer requests, if you do not have access to Facebook, then please call Paul Bennetts or John Trinkl Sr., our Congregational Pastoral Care Coordinators.


The Mission Road Congregation hosts the following social media sites:

Congregational (public) website at

Facebook Page (public) at

Facebook Group (open only to congregational members) at

The All Good Books discussion group website at

Visit and "like" each of these sites to keep up-to-date on congregational news.


If you have news items and calendar additions or changes that need to be included in the congregational news email please contact Larry Birkby. His email address and phone number is both in the Church Directory.

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