Mission Road Congregational News – December 16, 2018



Mark your calendars and join us for our Christmas Breakfast Potluck on December 23, 2018 at 9 am. No Sunday school classes on that Sunday, but the breakfast will be followed by our regular worship service at 10:30 AM.


The number of breakfast volunteers has recently been reduced from 5 to 4. We need more volunteers willing to provide the Sunday morning breakfast (of donuts, bagels, milk and OJ). If you’re available to cover January 12 or February 3, please inform the Pastors. We really are in need for 2-3 more volunteers (starting in March) to volunteer on a regular basis. If we had 7 volunteers total (3 more than our current 4) each volunteer would only have to cover 1 or 2 breakfasts every quarter. If you want to know more about what is required contact one of the current volunteers ( Karen Birkby, Marge Trinkl, Bob Andes or Jonathan Bacon).


With Daylight Savings time going away and the fall colors are showing their beauty it’s time to think about Ole Man Winter coming soon. With the arrival of winter, it means colder weather and perhaps some snow. It’s also time to remember to clean out the closet of the gently used coat that you don’t plan to wear anymore and help someone else keep warm this winter. If that’s not the case with you perhaps you can afford to spend a few dollars on a new coat for someone else. Central Avenue Center of Hope is starting the annual winter coat drive. Please remember those that may need a new coat this winter. Please hang up your coat gift on the coat rack by the office door. Look for the sign.


Remember to also add to the collection of gloves and mittens being collected for Central Avenue Center of Hope. Tis the Season.


Do you know who your delegates are to the 2019 Community of Christ World Conference? Here’s the list:

Karen Birkby

Kennetha Kuttler

John O’Neal

Adrienne Reine

Clint Reine

Deborah Rushfelt


The All Good Books group will discuss "With Love, Wherever You Are" by Dandi Daley Mackall at our next meeting on Thursday, January 17, 2019 at 7 PM. No meeting is planned for December 2018.

Discussion questions for the January novel will be posted soon.

The schedule of upcoming books for discussion is always available at https://allbooksclub.wordpress.com/meeting-dates-books/.


Merry Christmas, I wanted to provide an update on Saira and the Health Program since we visited her in November.

Linda Drown, interpreter, and I were able to sit down with Saira to review 2018 accomplishments, renew her employment contract, and look at her needs for 2019. Saira has seen 3,225 patients this year. She has also collected $445 from patients who wanted to pay for medications and for her medical services. Saira used these funds to purchase liquid Tylenol and other medications that she needed. In addition to her medical clinic and clinics in the 4 remote villages, she has begun helping the communities address public health issues such as vented stoves. These stoves are funded by local organizations and the municipalities. This knowledge of available in-country services is another reason why Saira is so valuable to HMA.

Saira also assists HMA with the scholarship students. Alma is in medical school in San Pedro Sula. She receives hands-on experience with Saira during youth camps and retreats held at the La Buena Fe Campgrounds of Community of Christ. Karen is the auxiliary nursing student attending school in the rural Department of Santa Barbara. Saira meets with Karen monthly to review her grades and disburse the allotted funds. Karen works with health teams and also with Saira at campground events to hone her skills.

Included in the budget for this program is funds for Special Needs that may be identified by Saira. The funds are held by Debora Mejia, the financial officer for the Central American Mission Center. In November Saira brought to our attention someone in her village that has colon cancer and is receiving treatment in San Pedro Sula. The family was struggling to pay for treatment. We authorized funds for the gentleman and attached is the photo of Saira giving him the money.

Another Special Needs case she told us about was an 8-year-old girl, Genesis, with an optic nerve problem requiring surgery. The surgery may need to be done in the USA, so we are investigating possible options. Genesis’ photo is also attached.

You are receiving this email because you have played a role in the success of healthcare delivery to remote parts of Honduras. You have enabled Saira to be your hands and feet ministering to her neighbors! Thank You!

When I asked Saira how much money the family needed for cancer treatments, Saira responded, "Give whatever God places on your heart." I pass that same request on to you as you consider your continued part of this Program.


Honduras Nurse program

For the past two years, the Mission Road family has shared generously with HMA in our effort to provide health care to residents of remote villages in Honduras. These are people who would not receive any professional health care if not for the visits provided by our dedicated nurse, Saira Giron and the Health Teams of HMA. 85% of the donations to this program go for providing nurse’s salary, advanced training, medications and clinic supplies and transportation costs to get to the villages. The remaining 15% covers the costs of postage, wire transfers, and a small amount for preparing and printing the pledge brochures. All health care teams provide 100% of their own costs for travel, room and board and insurance. All the Board members for HMA are unpaid volunteers.

If you are willing and able to make a pledge to help us continue to provide for this program in 2019, please complete a pledge form (found in Sunday’s bulletin) and return to Paul Bennetts. Or provide Paul with your name, address, and pledge amount for 2019.


Registration for enrollment begins December 14, 2018 for these online classes:

Introduction to Priesthood Ministry (MP300) – Required for new ordinands and those exploring priesthood leadership. Class dates: Jan. 12 – March 8 ($25 – limit 30).

Ministry of the Deacon (MP 302) – Required for new Deacons and those exploring Deacons ministry. Class dates: Jan. 12-Feb. 22 ($25 – limit 20)

Pastors in Mission (NEW) – Created to introduce pastors and pastors council to basic congregational leadership. Class dates: Jan. 12-Feb. 22 ($25 – limit 30)

To enroll, please visit http://developmetrics.org


Please update your listing in the Congregational Directory that is on the table in the narthex. If you’ve given Clint updates and they are not reflected in the printed draft, don’t worry. The changes are added after every printing! If you want your picture updated, please see Clint at church so he can take a new photo of you. If you have any other updates write them down on the copy on the table in the narthex. Thanks!


If you know someone in the congregation who does not have email and does not use Facebook, please let Jonathan Bacon know. We’re trying to be sure everyone in the congregation has access to periodic news updates and information on congregational activities.


Wednesday, December 19, 2018, 6:30-7:30 PM – Saints’ Chorale Rehearsal in the Sanctuary.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018, 7:35 PM – Prayer Circle in the Church Library.

Sunday, December 23, 2018, 9:00 AM – Christmas Breakfast Potluck, bring your favorite breakfast dish to share and join us for conversation and fellowship.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

· No Sunday School due to Potluck

Sunday, December 23, 2018, 10:30 AM – John O’Neal will speak on the theme "Rejoice! (Joy)" with Ron Millard serving as presider and Linda Dayton serving as worship planner. Jennifer Libeer will provide the ministry of music and Kennetha Kuttler will provide the PowerPoint.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018, All Church Activities Cancelled.


Audio recordings of past worship services are available online at https://bit.ly/2MSgZW8. This is a short URL for a Google Drive folder with past recordings.

Recordings are located in folders corresponding to the year (e.g., 2017, 2018). If you missed a Sunday, this provides you a way to hear the music and the message.

Each audio recording begins with the date of the service (20180805 represents August 5, 2018). The date is followed by a dash and the first initial and last name of the speaker.

NOTE: If you experience problems playing these audio files be sure you’re running the latest version of your browser or try a different browser. In some cases, you may be required to download the audio file before playing it.

The following list includes some recent audio recordings:

16 December 2918 message by Arlene Leonard, filename 20181216-ALeonard.mp3

9 December 2018 message by Brian Libeer, filename 20181209-BLibeer.mp3

2 December 2018 message by Jerry Rushfelt, filename 20181202-JRushfelt.mp3

18 November 2018 message by Kirk Barnhard, filename 20181118-KBarnhard.mp3

11 November 2018 message by Paul Bennetts, filename 20181111-PBennetts.mp3

4 November 2018 message by Steve Holben, filename 20181104-SHolben.mp3


Please know that any member of the congregation can post prayer requests or share information about members and events on the Mission Road Members Only Facebook page. You do not need to send the information for approval to anyone. In fact, doing so may slow down the dissemination of your request. Be sure to include the person needing prayers and what situation has occurred (if you wish to share that information). If your post concerns an event or news item, be sure to include the basics in your posting (such as who, what, where and when).

For prayer requests, if you do not have access to Facebook, then please call Paul Bennetts our Congregational Pastoral Care Coordinator.


The Mission Road Congregation hosts the following social media sites:

Congregational (public) website at www.mission-road.org

Facebook Page (public) at https://www.facebook.com/MissionRoad.CoC

Facebook Group (open only to congregational members) at https://www.facebook.com/groups/MissionRoad/

The link to Mission Road worship service audio recordings at https://bit.ly/2MSgZW8

The All Good Books discussion group website at https://allbooksclub.wordpress.com/

Visit and "like" each of these sites to keep up-to-date on congregational news.


If you have news items and calendar additions or changes that need to be included in the congregational news email, please contact Larry Birkby. His email address and phone number are both in the Church Directory.

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