Mission Road Congregational Newsletter – February 27, 2023

MISSION ROAD NEWSLETTER – Monday, February 27th, 2023

Here is the order of information:

I. This week

II. Coming soon

III. Congregation link

IV. Tithes & offering



· Mission Bells Rehearsal February 27th from 7-8:30 pm


· Sewing for Charity will meet February 28th from 9 to Noon

· Taco Tuesday contact Keene if you plan to join


· Saints’ Chorale Rehearsal on March 1st at 6:15 pm

· Prayer Circle at 7:30 pm on Zoom or in person.


· A service for Paul and Janice will be held at Mission Road March 4th @ 1:00.

*** NO *** Center of Hope Collection. Please bring on Sunday this week if you wish.


· March 5th – “Explore Your Faith” – Second Sunday in Lent

Worship Planner: Roxann Kosmicki, Presider: Roxann Kosmicki, Speaker: Jerry Rushfelt, Assistants: Julie Canterbury, Robin Payne, Jeremy Baptist, Communion Servers: Robin Payne*, Debbie Rushfelt, Karen and Larry Birkby, Keyboard: Pam Landrum, Worship Center: Deacons, PowerPoint: Ryan Ballantyne, AV Desk: Kennetha Kuttler and Ryan Ballantyne, Zoom Co-Host: Paul Bennetts

Message from Paul: Members of the Adult Church School are invited to read the 1st chapter of Mark in preparation for class next Sunday. A good way to do this might be to include it in your daily meditation for one or more days this week! We will be discussing chapter 1 of the next text on Sunday -“Say to This Mountain.”

Copies of the book are available for $14.00. If you pick up a copy of the book, please add your payment to the offering plate.



· Mission Bells Rehearsal March 6th from 7-8:30 pm


· Sewing for Charity will meet March 7th from 9 to Noon

· Taco Tuesday contact Keene if you plan to join


· Saints’ Chorale Rehearsal on March 8th at 6:15 pm

· Prayer Circle at 7:30 pm on Zoom or in person


*** No *** Center of Hope Collection.


· March 12th – “Embody Christ’s Peace” – Third Sunday in Lent

Worship Planner: Larry Birkby, Presider: Larry Birkby, Speaker: Paul Bennetts,

Assistants: Julie Canterbury, Jim Needham, Karen Birkby, Keyboard: Sharon Wood, Music: Saints’ Chorale, Worship Center: Karen Birkby, PowerPoint: Jonathan Bacon, AV Desk: Roxann Kosmicki and Jonathan Bacon, Zoom Co-Host: Dennis Wood

Adult Sunday School Class: Say to this Mountain: Mark’s story of Discipleship. Chapter 2-will be led by Dennis Wood.

Other Dates

March 18th: *** Information shared from Dennis:

Away from Home: American Indian Boarding School Stories at The Johnson County Museum

Beginning in the 1870s, the US government attempted to educate and assimilate American Indians into “civilized” society by placing children—of all ages, from thousands of homes and hundreds of diverse tribes—in distant, residential boarding schools. Many were forcibly taken from their families and communities and stripped of all signs of “Indianness,” even forbidden to speak their own language amongst themselves.

After hearing testimony about the years of abuse of students in off-reservation boarding schools, Congress passed, and President Jimmy Carter signed the Indian Child Welfare Act in 1978. Many off-reservation schools closed in the 1980s and 1990s but about two dozen off-reservation schools still operate today.

Away from Home: American Indian Boarding School Stories explores life in off-reservation Indian boarding schools from a variety of perspectives. It contains stories of resilience and honor and stories of suffering and degradation in the lives of Native children. Those interested in learning more about peace and justice issues are encouraged to visit this exhibition.

The Away from Home exhibition can be visited at The Johnson County Museum located at 8788 Metcalf Avenue, Overland Park, Kansas (formerly the King Louie West bowling alley). The exhibition hours open 9-5 M-F, 9-5 Sat, will end March 18, 2023. There is a fee for visiting the exhibition.

· March 20th Mission Bells Practice from 7-8:30 pm

· Sewing for Charity will meet March 28th from 9 to Noon

· March 28th World Conference Delegate Preparation Meeting (7-8:30)

· World Conference will be April 21 – 29, 2023:2023 World Conference | Community of Christ International Headquarters (cofchrist.org)

· World Conference Schedule:


· Midlands Mission Center 2023 Summer Camp Schedule:

June 10-14 Junior Camp

June 10-15 Middle School Camp

June 17-21 Doniphan Reunion

June 22-24 Youth Center

June 25-30 Sr. High Camp

July 9-14 Chihowa Reunion

July 15-22 Spectacular


· Send Sunday’s Order of Worship, newsletter information and building related business to Roxann at: rkmissionrd007

· Send prayer requests and other church business to Kenne at: missionroadcc

· Send financial business to Mary Reichenbach at: mrcoccfo

· Church Phone number is 913-890-3460. Calls are forwarded to Kenne via Google Voice

· All Good Books discussion group website at: https://allbooksclub.wordpress.com/

· Social media sites: Visit and “like” each of these sites to keep updated on news

· Congregational (public) website at: www.mission-road.org

· Facebook Page (public) at: https://www.facebook.com/MissionRoad.CoC


Mary Reichenbach, the Congregation’s Financial Officer suggests the following options to continue your regular contributions:

· Mail directly to Mary’s home

· Sign up for eTithing at https://www.cofchrist.org/etithing using these steps:

1. Select the United States link and then scroll down to Mission Road Community of Christ.

2. Click ’sign up’ in the upper right-hand corner to create your account or ’sign in’ if you have already set up your account.

3. Select one-time contribution or continuing contribution.

Contact Mary if you have additional questions about electronic contributions

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